Decorative Chrome, Bright Chrome is achieved through the depositing of chrome over nickel plating. The nickel thickness is relatively heavy in comparison to the very thin coating of chrome.

When observing a decorative chromed object, the majority of the brightness is produced by the nickel deposit. The nickel plating has a yellowish colored cast to it and would turn more so over time without the chrome deposit applied to its surface. The chrome itself has a very slight blue tint to it, protects the nickel from tarnish, reduces the susceptibility to scratching, and in part contributes to corrosion resistance.


Transcend chrome Inc. offers a complete range of metal finishing services, including nickel plating on a wide range of metal substrates, including steel, brass, aluminum, zinc die-cast.

Nickel plating delivers excellent wear and corrosion resistance for tools, plumbing fixtures, motorcycle parts, and more. Nickel plating often serves as under-plating for a thin layer of chrome plating. This combination provides protection and an enhanced, mirror-like shine on thousands of decorative applications in the automotive, plumbing, appliance and hardware industries.

Technical Data

Length Width Height
 Nickel Tank 2100 mm
600 mm
750 mm
 chrome Tank 2100 mm
600 mm
900 mm