Transcend chrome Inc. specializes in Duplex Nickel – Micro porous Chrome Plating on steel parts. We provide a consistent high-quality finish that excels in appearance, ductility, adhesion, and corrosion protection.

We offer a comprehensive range of Duplex Nickel Chrome Plating which comes as highly leveled, ductile deposit with very high corrosion and wear resistance quality. This coating is widely used in the automotive industry. For smooth application a double layer of nickel called Duplex Nickel is applied. This semi bright and bright nickel with required thickness is applied as an undercoat, It is then covered with chromium plating.


For Duplex nickel chrome plating, we currently offer coating on various  metals, namely:

Ferrous - Mild steel, Carbon steel, Cast Iron.
Non Ferrous - Copper, Aluminum, Brass.

Technical data



Length Width Height
Nickel tank 2100 mm
600 mm
750 mm
Chrome tank 1200 mm
600 mm
900 mm