Two main types of chrome plating are used in industry today: hard chrome plating and decorative chrome plating. With hard chrome plating, a thick deposit of chromium metal is plated onto steel components to improve surface hardness and wear resistance. Hard chrome plating is often used on tools and dies where increasing tool life through improved wear resistance is important.

Hard Chrome Benefits:

High hardness

Low coefficient of friction

Wear resistance

Sacrificial wear layer


• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Piston Rods and Cylinders
• Plastic and Rubber Rolls, Molds, Dies, Screws, etc.
• Automotive and Mechanical components
• Press Tools and Punches
• Print Cylinders and Plates
• Food Machinery
• Valves, Gates and Bodies
• Mining Equipment
• Timber and Paper Processing Equipment
• Pump Shafts and Rotors
• Textile Components

Technical Data:

  Length Width Height
Hard chrome tank 1800 mm 600 mm 750 mm