Areas of Application

Due to its unique properties of excellent corrosion resistance, combined with a high wear resistance and uniformity of coating, EN finds extensive applications in a number of fields. Some of the prominent areas of application are

Oil & Gas: Valve components, such as Balls, Gates, Plugs etc. And other components such as pumps, pipe fittings, packers, barrels etc.

Chemical Processing: Heat Exchangers, Filter Units, pump housing and impellers, mixing blades etc.
Plastics: Moulds and dies for injecting and low and blow moulding of plastics components, extruders, machine parts rollers etc
Textile: Printing cylinders, machine parts, spinnerets, threaded guides etc.

Automotive: Shock Absorbers, heat sinks, gears, cylinders, brake pistons etc.

Aviation & Aerospace: Satellite and rocket components, rams pistons, valve components etc.

Food & pharmaceutical: Capsule machinery dies, chocolates moulds, food processing machinery components etc

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